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With Built In Marketing, Payment Processing, Customer Data & 24/7 Support.

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Our clients make an average of $3000 in additional revenue over UberEats & DoorDash. Your business could be our next success story.

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Looking To Increase Revenue Without Paying Big Tech 30%?

Turns out, paying 30% of your orders to big tech doesn't work. Luckily for you, we have the way out! Get access to a free online order platform that has all of the marketing aspects designed to continue the growth of your business for a fraction of what you would have paid to big tech.

Step 1: The Start Of Your Free Custom Ordering Platform

We'll kick things off by setting up your free custom online ordering platform.

Step 2: Making Your Menu Live In Action

We'll make sure we tweak your menu into something that your customers will love.

Step 3: Houston, Marketing Campaigns Are A Go

We'll hit the green light on marketing campaigns in order to get the word out.

Step 4: Time To Kick Big Tech To The Curb

The time has come for you to say goodbye to big tech and their fees.

What Our Clients Think About Kula Orders

Our clients have seen huge growth in revenue and gained new customers just by using Kula Orders for free.

We switched over to Kula Orders just to see what's on the market and we never looked back. Their support is next level, they are always around when we need them. We've seen a huge jump with new regular customers.

Willy A.

Planet Wings

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what these guys do on the backend but whatever efforts they put forth towards marketing yeilds one of the highest ROIs I've seen in the industry. Even our slow months, we're up M/M.

Brittany Q.

Sip & Steak

After testing out Kula Orders against big tech, I'm happy to say that my restaurants will be sticking with Kula Orders for years to come. They make changes extremely quick and have a team that always knows what's best for the market.

Tod M.

Chicken X Fire

How We're Better

Kula Orders Has Built In Tools Designed To Grow Your Online Ordering Platform.

Free Web App & Mobile Site

Each business we work with gets access to a free online ordering platform with a simple, yet sleek, mobile site.

Personalized Link For Online Orders

Each platform has a direct custom link that customer can place orders from. We'll place your ordering link on your existing website.

Dedicated To Upsell

Kula Orders analizes millions of pieces of real customer data in order to increase order sizes for your business.

Built In Marketing

We work to leverage a mixture of marketing tactics in order to expand the current reach of your business.

Affordable 3rd Party Delivery

You'll gain access to a network of delivery drivers that work to offer your business a further reach for only $3.50 per delivery.

No Platform Fees, Ever!

Our platform is completely free to all businesses. Grow your revenue without sacrificing profit.

A Little About Our Ordering Platform

We'll help your business start generating additional revenue without the control of big tech.


While Kula Orders is free for each business, we do offer additional packages to maximize the outreach of Kula Orders.

Forever Free

$0 / month

  • Online Ordering Platform
  • Mobile Ordering Platform
  • SEO Marketing
  • 3rd Party Delivery
  • Digital Marketing
  • Phone Ordering

Big Kahuna

$60 / month

  • Online Ordering Platform
  • Mobile Ordering Platform
  • SEO Marketing
  • 3rd Party Delivery
  • Digital Marketing
  • Phone Ordering

What People Want To Know

  • Our software is 100% free to businesses. The only time you'll pay is for 3rd party delivery. Any fees collected from your business for 3rd party delivery goes directly to the delivery service.

  • Absolutly! While we always encourage our clients to offer delivery, you do have the option to have pick up only or to use your own drivers.

  • We process all payments to your business starting on Wednesday. Payments can take up to 2 days to post. You'll also have the option to cash out daily for 1.5% of the total.

  • While our software is free to use, we do have paid options which include marketing and other perks. These packages include direct usage of our marketing department to produce ads designed to grow your business.

Our Other Products

Kula Orders Is An Online Ordering Platform Designed For Restaurants & Stores

Completely Free Forever

  • Free Online Ordering System With Mobile Site
  • Personalized Link
  • Designed To Upsell
  • Built In Marketing
  • Affordable 3rd Party Delivery
  • No Platform Fees

A free online ordering platform with built in marketing that allows businesses to increase revenue without loosing a percentage of the profits. Complments the rest of the Kula Suite.

Kula POS Is A Custom Point Of Sale System Designed For Restaurants & Stores

$35 Per Month

  • Customizable Point Of Sale System For Business With Hardware
  • Ability To Take Sitdown Or Carry Out Orders
  • Ability To Assign Table Number
  • Payment Processor Included
  • Builds Customer Profiles & Loyalty
  • Collect Reviews & Feedback

A Point Of Sale System Designed To Provide Your Business With The Resources Needed To Run The Front Of House & Provide Detailed Orders To The Back Of House. Complments the rest of the Kula Suite.

Kula Kiosks Is an Ordering Kiosk Thats Designed To Upsell Customer Placed Orders

$80 Per Week

  • Includes Easy To Use Software With Tablet & Stand
  • Software Designed To Upsell
  • Collects Customer Data For Marketing
  • Allows For Simple Customer Payment
  • Encourages Digital Receipts
  • Sends Order Directly To Kitchen

A user driven point of sale system with data collection and upsell feature. Collect payment directly from the customer and send the order to the kitchen. Complments the rest of the Kula Suite.

Kula Bills Is A System Desgined To Pair With Kula POS To Allow Customers To Pay From Their Phone

$25 Per Month

  • Easy To Use Platform Designed To Allow Payment From Phone
  • Custom QR Codes Generated For Table
  • Assign Bill Directly To Table
  • Allows Users To Split Bill & Mobile Pay
  • Collect Data From Customer
  • Encourages Email Or Text Receipt

A sleek user interface designed for mobile devices that allows your business to collect payment from customers while reducing the length of time that the customers occupy the table. Complments the rest of the Kula Suite.

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